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Monday, November 19, 2007

Maybe owlgore's right after all...

Perhaps there is something to this Global Warming business after all. What other possible explanation could there be for me raking the leaves out of my backyard yesterday in a t-shirt instead of being on the slopes skiing? No kidding, it was 68 degrees in my yard yesterday and I really did fill 2, ninety gallon trash barrels with leaves from the yard.

Noah spent the weekend at home, looking for some home cooked meals and financial assistance with a replacement windshield for his Tracker, Lumpy. The windshield took a stone on one of the trips to Logan while I was moving his stuff up there and had spread far too badly to pass inspection. And, since he still needs to pay for an exhaust system before the end of the month to get it inspected, I went ahead and bought him the windshield.

Noah and a couple neighbors did help get the camper moved back behind the carport, freeing up parking space out front for the (hopefully) upcoming snow season. The camper's too big for me to move by myself and maneuvering the narrow gaps connected to the truck doesn't work either. So it was nice to get the camper moved with some manpower. Now I just need to buy a new tarp to cover it as the old one was ruined when we pulled it out.

Colder temps and rain predicted for later this week but nothing big enough to get the snow flying and the ski resorts open in the foreseeable future. What's up with that? It ski season dammitall!

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